Welcome..I Think..

It seems that every 2 years I get bored not only with my website, but also my platform.  It is always a balance between visual appeal and content.  With all that in mind, I present you with the new Mickulz.com.  I wanted to keep it cool, yet simple.  Hopefully I can keep off my lazy butt and actually add regular content :-).

Lily Says…Gas

Dad…I smell gas.  Not the kind that I leave, but the kind you put in the car.


Lily is my 5 year old daughter who can actually create better blog content than I can. So I am just going to steal it all and post it.


I Wanted to Be…

When I was growing up, I just wanted to be Doogie Howser.  Not because he was smart or a doctor.  I just wanted to have a cool enough life to have a diary about.  20 years later, I have a blog I never post to…

On a side note: Phil Collins I Wish It Would Rain just came on in my headphones as I type.  Maybe I am like Doogie after all.

Lily Says…Rain

Do you know why it rains dad?

The cloud is crying because he is upset.  He is upset because he wanted a new make-up kit from Mary Kay, but was not allowed to have to.  It made it so mad, he cried.  Now we are all wet because the cloud didn’t get a new Mary Kay makeup kit.  It is a shame..

Lily is my 5 year old daughter who can actually create better blog content than I can.  So I am just going to steal it all and post it.


My Bourbon Cabinet


2015-09-09 09.22.47

Bon Jovi said it best in Wanted: Dead or Alive “Sometimes you tell the day, by the bottle that you drink…”

One of the questions I get asked the most is “What do you prefer to drink?”  Well my friends, that is a large topic.  I am a bourbon man and a whisky man.  I enjoy a fine stout or lager, but can’t stand IPA’s.  The other question I get is “What is your favorite bourbon?”  I have a lot I like, but I am a traditionalist.  I like good ol’ No. 7 on the rocks.  That being said, I love trying and buying other bourbons.  So here my is current list of what is sitting in my bourbon cabinet (yes, I have a cabinet just for bourbon and whisky).

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Sometimes in this fragile life of ours
Memories are the best gifts we can give
Nothing makes our hearts run faster
Nothing makes our eyes water more
The memories of our times spent together
Or the painful memories of our times apart
They give us our drive in life
And they also let us know of our mortality
No matter how down and out, they are still there
We take memories with us, no matter how far
Memories can lift us to the next level
They can also ruin us and bring us down
Memories make each of us immortal
Memories make us bigger than life
The memory of your first kiss
The memory of the firs “I Love You”
The memory of falling off your bike
The memory of getting up and on it again
Do not dismiss memories as a light though
Memories are the telling of your life
The joy they bring or the scars they leave
Are far more intense than anything the body does
Memories can be our sanctuary when full of fear
There is nothing that is a bigger part of life
There is nothing more taken for granted