Lily Says…Rain

Do you know why it rains dad?

The cloud is crying because he is upset.  He is upset because he wanted a new make-up kit from Mary Kay, but was not allowed to have to.  It made it so mad, he cried.  Now we are all wet because the cloud didn’t get a new Mary Kay makeup kit.  It is a shame..

Lily is my 5 year old daughter who can actually create better blog content than I can.  So I am just going to steal it all and post it.


My Bourbon Cabinet


2015-09-09 09.22.47

Bon Jovi said it best in Wanted: Dead or Alive “Sometimes you tell the day, by the bottle that you drink…”

One of the questions I get asked the most is “What do you prefer to drink?”  Well my friends, that is a large topic.  I am a bourbon man and a whisky man.  I enjoy a fine stout or lager, but can’t stand IPA’s.  The other question I get is “What is your favorite bourbon?”  I have a lot I like, but I am a traditionalist.  I like good ol’ No. 7 on the rocks.  That being said, I love trying and buying other bourbons.  So here my is current list of what is sitting in my bourbon cabinet (yes, I have a cabinet just for bourbon and whisky).

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