Sometimes in this fragile life of ours
Memories are the best gifts we can give
Nothing makes our hearts run faster
Nothing makes our eyes water more
The memories of our times spent together
Or the painful memories of our times apart
They give us our drive in life
And they also let us know of our mortality
No matter how down and out, they are still there
We take memories with us, no matter how far
Memories can lift us to the next level
They can also ruin us and bring us down
Memories make each of us immortal
Memories make us bigger than life
The memory of your first kiss
The memory of the firs “I Love You”
The memory of falling off your bike
The memory of getting up and on it again
Do not dismiss memories as a light though
Memories are the telling of your life
The joy they bring or the scars they leave
Are far more intense than anything the body does
Memories can be our sanctuary when full of fear
There is nothing that is a bigger part of life
There is nothing more taken for granted